D&I Transformation lab

Rethink D&I! Co-create the future of D&I for employees, businesses, and society.

Register for the upcoming Transformation Design Lab webinar to learn more about how it can help your D&I practice: Thursday 11/30/17 at 1:00 pm EST

This Design Lab is for D&I professionals who want to innovate and transform the field of D&I. As you engage in these groundbreaking collaborative experiences, you will:

  • Be part of a collaborative community of progressive peers and experts
  • Co-design unprecedented frameworks, strategies, tactics, and structures to transform how D&I work is done
  • Experiment with new, promising approaches
  • Significantly accelerate and elevate results
  • Create impact at work while also transforming the field of D&I

wanting to take d&i to the next level?

You know the field of D&I is promising, but you're frustrated with:

  • Insufficient progress
  • The absence of a trailblazer community, and
  • The lack of a platform to design and test innovations.

With your desire to deliver transformative D&I results, you realize the potential of tapping into the collective wisdom of an alliance of progressive peers to co-create the future and achieve unprecedented results.

how does the transformation lab work?

Join our professional community of trailblazers to address vital D&I challenges, aspirations, and opportunities through an experimentation process of collective exploration, creation, action, reflection, and refining, you will:

  • Apply your wisdom beyond the constraints of current practice
  • Exceed the limits of being a lone D&I trailblazer within a single organization
  • Engage in unconventional experiences to unleash collective creativity
  • Design a new D&I ecosphere that can lift sustainable outcomes
  • Experience distinctive opportunities to advance D&I

These interactions occur primarily through in-person collaborations, plus online community, and elective in person events.

DEsign Lab Events