D&I Optimization lab

Accelerate effectiveness and impact of your D&I practice

Register for the upcoming Optimization Design Lab webinar to learn more about how it can help your D&I practice: Wednesday 11/29/17 at 1:00 pm EST

This Design Lab is for experienced D&I practitioners who seek to optimize their D&I performance and results and progress D&I culture change in their organizations. As you engage in sessions, workshops, and leverage resources and community, you will:

  • Make the best use of established practices and approaches
  • Elevate your accomplishments and outcomes by building upon prevailing approaches with emerging insights and new practices
  • Identify what common –but suboptimal or ineffective – practices to avoid
  • Connect and learn with top-ranked experts in diversity, inclusion, culture change, leadership, and business.
  • Master the art and science of D&I culture change

need to advance d&i outcomes?

If you’re frustrated from doing all the right things but not getting expected results, you’re not alone. D&I is a rapidly evolving field, and keeping up with new research and practices can be daunting.

We know what it is like to be frustrated and uncertain about D&I strategies and initiatives. Our team of experienced D&I professionals know how to approach D&I with proven approaches that optimize your success.

how does the optimization lab work?

As you begin the Optimization Design Lab, you will be join a community D&I practitioners around the globe who face the same challenges as you along with D&I experts to help you address those challenges. As we share fresh strategies, new resources, and emerging ideas, you will elevate your own successful D&I program that can transform your organization. During this lab you will:

  • Engage with practical, high-quality, and cutting-edge topics that can advance your performance and career
  • Gain contemporary knowledge, competencies, and resources to meaningfully enhance the value proposition of D&I for you, your business, and your society
  • Become part of a lasting, inspiring community that can keep you energized, supported, and informed
  • Contribute to the development of D&I next practices that can elevate your future impact

This Design Lab will help you achieve meaningful and sustainable business-relevant results.

These interactions occur primarily through video conferences, web-based sessions, and online community, supplemented by elective in-person events and experiences. We invite you to attend as many workshops as you can.

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