Thomas Leland's D&I Transformation Lab is the first global incubator for D&I innovators to collaboratively propel greater business impact.

This year includes a blend of virtual and in-person opportunities to: 

  • Attend events to connect with fellow trailblazers, identify current challenges, explore bold opportunities, and get ready for the year ahead
  • Participate in design labs, where you’ll engage with creative and disruptive activities to prompt mind shifts toward innovation and initiate the design of new ways of working
  • Continue the co-creation processes, support experimentation with prototypes, discuss refinements, participate in peer coaching, and share lessons learned
  • Attend a final event organized to inspire the broader D&I community, showcase you and your Transformation Lab insights, and develop plans for future experimentation and action

As a member of the lab, you...

  • Establish long-term, strategic cross-industry connections
  • Build cutting-edge knowledge via unconventional, immersive, and interactive experiences, practical techniques, research insights, and collective wisdom
  • Co-design, validate, and bring to life next generation D&I approaches
  • Provide your organization with world-class innovator's methods
  • Spotlight your organization through forums, articles, and white papers shaping the broader field of D&I
  • Reach the apex of D&I expertise - and stay there


Who is this Design Lab for?


This Design Lab is for D&I professionals who want to innovate and transform the field of D&I. As you engage in these groundbreaking collaborative experiences, you will:

  • Be part of a collaborative community of progressive peers and experts

  • Co-design unprecedented frameworks, strategies, tactics, and structures to transform how D&I work is done

  • Experiment with new, promising approaches

  • Significantly accelerate and elevate results

  • Create impact at work while also transforming the field of D&I

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D&I Transformation Design Lab application form

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