Geraldine is the Managing Director of Domino Perspectives established in 1986; a former President of the European Women's Management Development Network and founding member and past Vice-President of the European Institute for Managing Diversity. 

In the past 25 years Geraldine has presented and trained across the globe. She has co-authored three books written for women managers, which were translated into 10 languages. She is also a co-designer and facilitator of The Diamond Edge program specializing in renewal programs for women leaders. 

In 2007 Geraldine received an ASTD citation for Excellence in Practice for her diversity work with PepsiCo International in the area of Building a Globally Inclusive Organization, having delivered diversity and inclusion awareness training to over 4,000 managers in over 25 countries. In 2011 she was recognized for a World of Difference 100 award given by the International Alliance of Woman (TIAW).

In the last 15 years, Geraldine has become increasingly interested in the area of spiritual work and is a certified facilitator of SQ21 - the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment Tool. She first started presenting at conferences on Spirituality at Work - Soft or Strategic? in 1996. She is committed to helping organizations provide an environment in the workplace for nurturing the spirits of individuals.  

Personally, Geraldine is a Reiki Master and in September 1998 was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor. She completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Spiritual Development and Facilitation at the University of Surrey, Management School in 2007. 

Geraldine lives in the heart of Connemara, Galway in Ireland.