DIL Practitioner Certification

Taking your Diversity & Inclusion commitment to the next level

Diversity & Inclusiveness (D&I) can be a powerful enabler of sustainability, effectiveness and innovation in times of unparalleled global shifts, uncertainty and opportunity. As many organizations have increased their focus on developing strong D&I strategies it is critical for an organization’s D&I program to evolve through the following:

  • A broad understanding of differences and their impact that is calibrated and relevant to the global spectrum of perceived and experienced differences
  • Differentiation between "diversity" and "inclusiveness"
  • Alignment with current and anticipated business priorities, performance objectives, and business models
  • A focus on closing specific gaps between the formal (explicit) and informal (implicit) dimensions of the organization’s culture that adversely impact organizational performance
  • Simultaneously improving individual leadership behaviors and habits, teaming practices, core business processes, talent practices, and client/customer relationships

With our DIL Practitioner program we provide your organization the opportunity to certify an internal champion and change agent who (a) understands the complexities and unintended consequences of exclusionary dynamics within and among organizations, teams and interpersonal interactions and (b) translates this understanding into transformative actions.

Our certification provides the necessary training to:

  • Facilitate awareness and inclusive leader skills development both in formal and informal formats
  • Coach individual leaders to develop their inclusive mindset and leadership capabilities
  • Consult with the organization on developing an inclusive culture based on existing frameworks, concepts, and tools
  • Track progress on action plans and initiatives
  • Support leaders to maintain focus and sustain relevant efforts
  • Continue learning and leverage insights and best practice

How does the certification work?  

Our DIL Practitioner Certification is designed by experts and thought leaders in the area of Inclusive Leadership. Through a blended learning process over a period of six months, participants acquire a complex set of awareness, knowledge, and skills. This 12-step process combines guided self-study, webinars, and practicum, including an in-person workshop. Participants are supported by our DIL Practitioner Handbook and Toolkit, as well as our online practitioner community. Contact us for more details.