Transformation Lab

Connect with innovators in the Transformation Diversity and Inclusion Design Lab and learn how you can be a part of creating the strategies, developing the resources, and implementing innovations that will shape the future of Diversity and Inclusion.


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55:42 Core Process: Design Thinking

57:09 Key Framework: D&I Ecosphere

1:04:31 Participant Engagement 2018

1:06:00 Breaking new ground for D&I Transformation

1:07:26 Outline of 2018

1:08:22 Expectations

1:10:00 Who are the most supportive executives?

1:13:15 What do stakeholders often expect but not experience?

1:21:17 Investment

1:24:00 Closing thoughts/How to apply

6:49 The D&I Dirty Dozen

17:56 Biggest challenges of D&I

23:15 Foundation Lab summary

 25:30 Optimization Lab summary

27:04 Transformation Lab summary

31:56 How do you feel about the barriers you face?

39:07 What is one unconventional idea you have for D&I?

44:37 Is the D&I Transformation Lab for you?

52:05 What is one of your greatest assets you bring to D&I?

54:37 Essential Element: Emergence

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