Research Intern position

In support of a variety of research projects and publications, we are hiring a research intern to review, summarize, index, and critically evaluate current literature in the area of “culture”, particularly in the fields of sociology and business studies, as well as non-academic practitioner/specialist publications. Specific areas of focus should include:

- International business

- Cross-cultural comparison/analyses

- Corporate (culture) change

- Mergers & Acquisitions integration

In addition, the research intern will compile an index of academic literature (citations) for reference.

*Work and communications will be done remotely/virtually.


- B.A./B.S. or M.A. degrees in the social sciences, preferably anthropology or sociology

- Familiarity and interest in the phenomenon of “culture”

- Proven secondary research skills

- Critical and analytic thinking skills

- Writing skills

- Access to academic libraries, including relevant journals, etc.


- May through August 2018 (can be flexible)


- Negotiable