ThomasLeland was created to combine our founders' experience, expertise and passion for culture into a distinguishing value proposition for our client partners to truly achieve the results they are seeking.

Our approach is influenced by an anthropological perspective and ethnographic methodology that provides a unique and innovative way of developing solutions for difficult organizational challenges.

Across a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and fields of expertise, we created ThomasLeland based on our shared: 

  • Appreciation for the importance of culture - this seemingly intangible, often unconscious and intractable force that powerfully impacts the success of individuals, groups and entire organization. 
  • Dissatisfaction with conventional approaches to explain culture and help leaders navigate cultural complexities in various guises - such as organizational culture, team culture, national or identity group culture. 
  • Experience that focuses on the quintessentially human dimensions of work, management and leadership - subject to predictable social, cultural and psychological dynamics - can unlock untapped cultural potential. 
  • Commitment to helping leaders and organizations cultivate and embed an intentional focus on the subjective experience underlying work and organizational realities to unlock dormant energy from which a new, more conducive, and aligned culture can emerge.