ImpACT™ Coaching

Enabling individuals and small groups to lead transformative organizational change

ImpACT™ Coaching for individuals and groups links personal reflection to professional results. Reflecting on our individual and cultural identities, then observing differences and similarities in others’ expectations and behaviors, we initiate a process of proactive change and adaptation. Based on growing personal awareness and individual vision, reflection can lead to positive behavioral changes impacting our organizations through the choices we make every day in our local and global workplaces.

What is ImpACT™ Coaching

ImpACT™ Coaching brings leaders, managers and consultants into one on one conversations with a ThomasLeland coach to:

  • Address individual and organizational leadership challenges
  • Examine individual filters that affect “how” we interact around knowledge and actions (the “what”) in order to increase connectivity and consistency between individual intentions and impact with others
  • Identify relationships and effects of individual identities, biases and cultures interacting within the organizational context
  • lead organization culture change through application of renewed awareness and transformative principles.

Who tends to benefit from ImpACT™ Coaching?

  • C-Level leaders of organizations and global functions
  • Global team leaders
  • Managing and Senior Partners of global advisory and service firms
  • Directors and general managers of organizational change, including post-merger integration, joint venture, functional transformation,
  • Senior consultants (both internal and external) for whom leading global change is a key deliverable, including learning and development professionals, organizational effectiveness consultants
  • Individual contributors undergoing significant changes in scope of responsibility or moving into challenging new roles, such as working in global teams.

The coaching duration is determined by an initial assessment of needs, and typically includes both face to face and virtual meetings between the coach and participant.