Cultural Diagnostics

Often organizations spend time, money and energy on large scale organizational change projects that end up failing or underperforming due to a lack of attention to or an underestimation of culture. When implementing a change strategy, it is critical for organizations to take into account how an organizations culture will react to the change for it to be effective and successful.

ThomasLeland provides its unique Cultural Diagnostic to analyze and optimize organizational culture to ensure organizational and team change projects are developed with the organization/team culture in mind.

Our Cultural Diagnostic is a results and action oriented 7-step process of applying our rapid ethnographic method. ThomasLeland begins its 7-step process by surfacing and describing the characteristics, norms, habits, beliefs, attitudes and behavioral dynamics within a group and/or organization.

Our approach is to act as “outsiders on the inside” – our team of experienced anthropologists work in close partnership with each client to develop a concrete research plan to uncover patterns and organizational themes based on the subjective experiences of a stratified sample of the talent pool. We use our findings and analysis to uncover cultural strains and successes to develop strategies around streamlining optimal organizational culture and business strategy.

Our Cultural Diagnostic aim to:

  • Surface the unconscious and invisible risk factors
  • Provide leaders a way to influence and lead the culture
  • Help leaders make informed decisions about transformation objectives and strategic change projects
  • Align culture and strategy for optimal performance

Our TL Cultural Diagnostics include: 

  • A Summary of Findings that serve leaders as a shared reference and foundation in prioritization, decision making, and action planning.
  • A reliable, organization specific Cultural Dashboard that serves leaders as an assessment and tracking tool
  • Reusable set of relevant questions (survey) that anchor ongoing cultural optimization through internal resources
  • Readiness to engage in cultural optimization process by a core group of leaders

Why ThomasLeland?

We conduct our diagnostics from the perspective of cultural anthropology and based on our rapid ethnographic method; i.e. a systematic method for studying and describing culture.

We understand that relevant results need to be obtained in a way that fit the organizational context by (a) leveraging existing data and data sources, and (b) being sensitive to “assessment fatigue” in many organizations.

We leverage the diagnostic process itself to create the foundational anchor for desired change and/or optimization.

We adapt the reporting of results to maximize positive action and optimization of culture.