Natasha is a network partner and intercultural practice leader for ThomasLeland. She has had 20 years of international experience as a cross-cultural business consultant, facilitator, coach, keynoter, trainer, problem solver and program developer for organizations with operations in multiple countries and a globally-diverse client base. Her client list includes over 80 multinational companies from a wide range of industries, including Fortune 500, government agencies and leading universities. 

Natasha brings a broad and diverse range of current cross-cultural business expertise to every assignment. Her practical business-oriented approach is supported by the works of leading authorities in cross-cultural communication and extensive personal knowledge of the fast-changing global business environment. 

Natasha has worked on-site with executives and culturally-diverse teams in India, UAE, Japan, the UK, Russia, Spain, Serbia and the USA; in every instance partnering with clients to build a customized global methodology and steer strategy and processes from an international perspective.