One of the toughest decisions an organization can face is whether to acquire, merge or embark in a joint venture with another company. While they may appear attractive, these moves often underperform, and in the worst cases can even lead to a mass exodus of top talent. 

The leading cause for these unsuccessful business ventures has been recognized as a lack of consideration for cultural fit between organizations. At ThomasLeland we aim to reduce this risk by helping organizations identify and address cultural risk and success factors, providing the foundation necessary for a value added merger, acquisition or joint venture. 



When embarking on a merger, acquisition, or joint venture, organizations do extensive due diligence - they look into financials, analyze contracts and assess risks and opportunities to gauge value. Through this process, companies often neglect to invest adequately in understanding potential cultural risks. 

As part of an organization's due diligence, ThomasLeland adds a critical step - cultural due diligence. We join your due diligence team to perform a thorough and effective analysis of the cultural fit and cultural readiness of the merging organizations. 



In an effort to reduce the uncertainty that develops after a M&A or JV transaction has been announced, ThomasLeland designs a post-acquisition cultural integration strategy based on key cultural factors identified in the cultural due diligence process. We work with you to develop a strategy that helps your organization and its leaders lead post-merger cultural integration inclusively, respectfully and equitably. 

Throughout our design process we embed key performance indicators (KPIs) and scorecards to enable tracking and measurement capabilities that deliver value during the impact stage of our process. The final stage in the design process is to provide our clients with a streamlined strategic blueprint that outlines the design and the strategic implementation. 


As organizations work to integrate their mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures it's important to prepare the leadership team and top talent with the critical skill sets necessary for respectful and inclusive cultural integration. We aim to define roles to fit the new organizational change and structure, and build the mindsets, skill sets and behaviors that support the change. 

ThomasLeland designs, develops and implements a learning and development strategy, focusing on: 

  • Coaching of executive and senior leadership teams
  • Learning and development for change leaders
  • Development of skills to communicate, expect, reinforce and reward the change 

These developmental sessions can be provided through online training, face-to-face coaching, or group training. 




To help you better understand the impact that your merger, acquisition or joint venture has had on the cultural dimensions of your business, ThomasLeland provides customizable tracking and measurement capabilities. We use key performance indicators (KPIs) and scorecards embedded into the design of your post-merger cultural integration strategy to track and measure successes and shortcomings in order to calibrate actions and focus on the continuous improvement of your organization's transformation process.