Leadership Development Experience

Advancing leaders from great to extraordinary.

Successful leaders achieve great results. Extraordinary leaders scale and sustain great results in the long-term, so that developing leadership readiness becomes essential for business success. Today’s globally competitive environment demands innovative, productive teams led by effective leaders equipped to bring their teams to the highest levels of performance.

ThomasLeland’s Leadership Development Experiences provides the support your employees need to:

  • grow their individual skills,
  • develop an energizing team culture,
  • and achieve excellence in execution.

This journey requires a multi-phased, integrated approach with a long-term view towards sustainability. Identifying and aligning leadership intentions, addressing differences in cultural styles, and improving individual and group collaboration skills are critical first steps. Our Leadership Development Experience is a transformative tool, adapted to your organization through research with your teams. The return on investment is measured in concrete improvements in team and organization performance.

What is the Leadership Development Experience™?

Our LDE Program (Leadership Development Experience™) is a globally proven, time-tested solution customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. The six- to nine-month experience is a comprehensive development intervention crafted with a variety of learning tools designed to:

  •  improve human performance, including interviews and focus groups
  • one-on-one coaching
  • team assignments involving virtual collaboration
  • instructor-led classroom sessions

As part of the LDE program, our clients benefit from each of the four phases in our proprietary approach to organizational transformation: 1) Insight 2) Culture Design 3) Capability Building 4) Impact.

By using this design we are able to play an active role through out the entire Leadership Development journey by customizing solutions, implementing training, and measuring concrete improvements in team and organizational performance.

Find out more about our approach to organizational transformation here.