Join a Diversity & Inclusion community developing leaders, optimizing impact, and accelerating innovation.

Quickly compare the three D&I Design Labs

Foundation Lab

If you are new to D&I and want to be best prepared, this Design Lab is right for you! It will help you design your role and acquaint you with approaches that work. As you engage in these workshops and interactions you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience with proven frameworks, tools, and techniques that achieve business-relevant results
  • Develop contemporary capabilities to elevate your impact and create sustained value
  • Connect and learn with top-ranked experts in inclusion, diversity, culture change, leadership, and business.
  • Engage with practical, high-quality, and cutting-edge topics
  • Develop and implement effective D&I culture change strategies. More...
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Optimization Lab

This Design Lab is for experienced D&I practitioners who seek to optimize their D&I performance and results and progress D&I culture change in their organizations. As you engage in sessions, workshops, and leverage resources and community, you will:

  • Make the best use of established practices and approaches
  • Elevate your accomplishments and outcomes by building upon prevailing approaches with emerging insights and new practices
  • Identify what common –but suboptimal or ineffective – practices to avoid
  • Connect and learn with top-ranked experts in diversity, inclusion, culture change, leadership, and business.
  • Master the art and science of D&I culture change. More...
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Transformation Lab

This Design Lab is for D&I professionals who want to innovate and transform the field of D&I. As you engage in these groundbreaking collaborative experiences, you will:

  • Be part of a collaborative community of progressive peers and experts
  • Co-design unprecedented frameworks, strategies, tactics, and structures to transform how D&I work is done
  • Experiment with new, promising approaches
  • Significantly accelerate and elevate results
  • Create impact at work while also transforming the field of D&I. More...

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