Insight & Initiatives

We are committed to thought and practice leadership in a number of areas critical to our client service. Together with our client- and alliance partners, we engage in specific research, development, and think tank initiatives to advance both theory and practice.

We are focused on the following initiatives and frequently speak, write and educate about them. Contact us to learn more.

The Experience Project

Subjective experience of individuals and groups is the moving force in transformation and shifting identities. It is an often overlooked, neglected, minimized and underestimated factor in motivation, collaboration and decision-making. We seek to raise awareness of this critical enabler of high performance and help leaders intentionally and skillfully focus their energies on creating optimal experiences in their spheres of influence. Through ethnographic analysis we seek to reveal and understand (a) the specific and general variables of experience within and across organizational contexts and constituencies, and (b) the impulses that help optimize experience and create successful change, transformation, and adaptation.

The Inclusive Leadership Initiative

Inclusive Leadership is an emerging leadership paradigm that is gaining in relevance in the dynamically complex economic, social, and cultural interdependence. Inclusive leaders transcend traditional boundaries, barriers and limitations. It transforms individual, organizational, and societal identity to optimize constructive potential and achieve better results. This initiative is an ongoing effort to explores and documents this dynamic leadership process, generate new insights, and develop approaches to help leaders address the multidimensional challenges of our global, complex, and interconnected world.