D&I Foundation Lab

Learn the foundations of Diversity and Inclusion

Register for the upcoming Foundation Design Lab webinar to learn more about how it can help your D&I practice: Monday 11/27/17 at 2:30 pm EST

If you are new to D&I and want to be best prepared, this Design Lab is right for you! It will help you design your role and acquaint you with approaches that work. As you engage in these workshops and interactions you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience with proven frameworks, tools, and techniques that achieve business-relevant results
  • Develop contemporary capabilities to elevate your impact and create sustained value
  • Connect and learn with top-ranked experts in inclusion, diversity, culture change, leadership, and business.
  • Engage with practical, high-quality, and cutting-edge topics
  • Develop and implement effective D&I culture change strategies

New to D&I?

Beginning a role in D&I can be difficult and feel overwhelming. Where do you go to find valuable tools, strategies, and resources that really work? How can you build a supportive network?  D&I practitioners can feel confident and supported because there is an abundance of knowledge and innovation surrounding D&I. You just need access to it.

We know what it is like to be frustrated and uncertain about D&I strategies and initiatives. Our team of experienced D&I professionals know how to approach D&I with proven approaches that lead to your success.

HOw does the foundation lab work?

As you begin the Foundation Design Lab, you will join a community of D&I practitioners around the globe who face the same challenges as you along with D&I experts to help you address those challenges. As we share strategies, resources, and ideas, you will develop your own successful D&I program that can transform your organization. During this lab you will:

  • Gain knowledge, competencies, and resources to meaningfully enhance the value proposition of D&I for you, your business, and your society
  • Become part of a lasting, inspiring community that can keep you energized, supported, and informed
  • Contribute to the development of D&I next practices that can elevate your future impact

These interactions occur primarily through video conferences, web-sessions, and online communities, and are supplemented with elective in-person events/experiences.


Design Lab Events