A fully immersive cultural experience that takes leaders out of their comfort zone to bring awareness to the potential opportunities that develop from the unknown, develop new skills and techniques in understanding others, engage and embrace different cultures, and expand their leadership skill sets.

ThomasLeland Field Expeditions provide a unique learning experience for leaders to adventure into a remote place of the world. This program focuses on the benefits of a total immersion experience, as it allows for the development and growth of skills and understanding of others in a highly supportive, engaging, and safe, field experience. We have developed this unique offering to help participants develop an anthropologist’s perspective and ethnographic skill set, which are highly relevant and transferable to leadership challenges in complex and diverse global organizations.

Participants can expect to develop:

  1. Confidence with the unknown and unpredictable
  2. Curiosity and skill to understand others in their respective contexts
  3. Respect and appreciation for local knowledge and traditions
  4. The ability to build trusting relationships across differences with empathy and humility
  5.  Patience and resilience to pursue solutions to complicated problems
  6.  Courage to challenge established ways of thinking and acting
  7. The ability to engage and reconcile different cultures by creating shared context and new forms of identity
  8. The ability to inspire purpose, collaboration, and alignment across stakeholder groups and communities
  9. Innovative and sustainable solutions and approaches that benefit all stakeholders

In developing these skills, participants are supported in the transferring of their newly gained perspective and skills to their day-to-day leadership realities and organizational “fields”. Our Impact Coaches help translate the learning into new leadership strategies that yield impactful results.


Our Field Expeditions are created and accompanied by a professional anthropologist and leadership development expert, who guide the participants through this intensive, immersive experience.

We select locations (or “fields”) that take participants out of their familiar and into markedly unfamiliar contexts. With that, participants challenge and transcend conventional notions of social and organizational identity and learn to negotiate them in unfamiliar contents.

We select “fields” in which local and global realities intersect, creating rapidly evolving dynamics of change. Participants develop the skill to understand how very different cultural, historical and social contexts interact in a global environment and shape possibilities and choices for different stakeholders.

Please note, field experiences are not for everyone! They are designed for a select group of adventurous leaders who are open to a new type of immersive developmental experience. If interested in this experience, contact us for more information!