Edwin Boom is a serial entrepreneur. He is founder and Managing Director at Moovs and Maxxecure. He develops and executes high level programs to facilitate organizational development and transformation. With Moovs he and his team focuses on programs around services, sales, leadership, culture and talent development. With Maxxecure he and his team focuses on prevention and dealing with aggression and violence at the workplace and programs on profiling, security awareness etc.. Applying new perspectives on talent development and learning with unique scientifically based or in practice proven international programs.

He is a master trainer of Values in Action bases on the research for Martin Seligman one of the founders of positive psychology. It brings a new perspective on making people flourish and engagement. It creates an awareness on character strengths, builds alignment and an appreciative culture.

He is also a master trainer of Thomas Leland. From an ethnographic research methodology, he partners with clients as an “outsider on the inside,” establishing broad and deep relationships within an organization that provide C-level and senior leaders with unique, eye-opening perspectives on their changing roles.  Clients include individuals and teams responsible for leading global strategy and high performance organizational culture, post-merger integration, and joint-venture partnering. The last years he consulted a lot of companies building a strategy with culture as a differentiator. He has a lot of experience in research on culture within organizations, developing one culture language and implementing a strategy to create living values.

As an owner and master trainer BestYearYet he helps people, teams and organizations reach new goals in a disruptive environment by transforming people and business. It helps to bring alignment by cascading goals through the organization and focusing energy. With his partners he combines this with developing or adding a startup culture, generate exponential thinking and new perspectives on challenges and problems. This leads for example to new ways of learning and talent development to support transformation and growth.

Edwin and his new company Leaplines lately worked on building a new mobile academy platform. Learning and development is supported by crunches of learning likes games, producttrainers, learning in 10 swipes, learning by webcam, elearning etc. It is used for onboarding, communicating  and learning in one app, and complete corporate academies where every employee builds it own leapline of learning.

Edwin earned his M.A. in Psychology at the University of Leiden and has been training, coaching and consulting for more then 20 years. In this period he worked in and outside Europe for a lot of companies. He started training in prison where he learned the job the hard way and was allowed as one of the youngest trainers the train on dealing with hostage and crisis communication. Later on and nowadays he consults, coaches and is training marktleaders of which a lot are retailers. Number 1 customer is AholdDelhaize for more then 16 years for Albert Heijn, Bol.com, Etos, Gall&Gall, ACC. Clients he worked for next to AholdDelhaize are l’Oréal, KPMG, Bijenkorf (Selfridges Group), Hudson’s Bay, Action, HEMA, DSM, AS Watson, Randstad, Grand Vision, Samsung, Metro (Makro), EY, KLM AirFrance, WestRock and the Dutch Soccer Federation.

Edwin is married and has 5 children and now lives in Warmond a little village near Amsterdam with his family. He likes to travel around the world, love sports and spending time with his family and building his business.