Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is a powerful enabler of growth, effectiveness, sustainability, and innovation. This is especially true in times of uncertainty and opportunity, as created by the unparalleled global shifts happening today. 

It is critical for an organization's D&I program to evolve through Inclusiveness Intelligence™ - the source code of inclusive leadership.

The cornerstones of truly inclusive cultures:

1. Transcending social and organizational barriers to optimize value creation

2. Aligning culture with business priorities, performance objectives, and business models

3. Closing critical talent gaps

4. Enabling market growth, efficiency, and innovation

5. Develop leaders that apply inclusiveness intelligence™ in their teaming and talent practices, and stakeholder relationships

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Diversity & Inclusion, the development of inclusive leaders and the practice of inclusiveness, our experts have the knowledge and skill set to design and implement powerful D&I-focused change strategies that make Inclusiveness Intelligence™ the core of your progressive D&I practice.

Our Inclusiveness Intelligence™ solutions are based on consulting, training and coaching. 



ThomasLeland provides a unique ethnographic approach for identifying and assessing cultural characteristics that affect an organization's diversity and inclusion efforts. We offer clients two services: 

  • A D&I focused Cultural Diagnostic that identifies specific cultural risk factors and success factors around critical diversity dimensions. 
  • Customized research on specific cultural dynamics that impact the talent experience.


In an effort to unlock the full benefit and innovate your Diversity & Inclusion Program, we design customized D&I change strategies and identify the infrastructure necessary to advance the D&I practice within your organization. This includes the design of: 

  • Diversity & Inclusion branding strategies
  • Councils 
  • Internal governance structures
  • Organizational alignment 
  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) strategies
  • Diversity recruiting and staffing 
  • Internal talent development
  • Embedded Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that fuel impact measurements

ThomasLeland organizes Performance Solution Workout Sessions that bring together multiple stakeholders to help shape your organization's D&I strategy and its implementation.

The final stage in the design process is to provide our clients with a streamlined strategic blueprint that outlines the design and supports the strategic implementation. 

To gain the full benefit from a D&I change strategy it is essential that your talent has the skills and mindset to leverage a diverse and inclusive environment. To prepare your organization's leaders, we provide Inclusive Leadership programs that address the following: 

  • Development of an Inclusive Leadership mindset and skill set 
  • Building awareness around diversity and inclusion
  • Inclusive performance management 
  • Inclusive teaming and collaboration
  • Fostering inclusive norms, culture and behaviors to generate value 
  • Leading in English 

These sessions can be provided through web-based learning, one-on-one coaching, keynote speeches, face-to-face learning, and/or certification of internal practitioners.  



After a significant amount of time, energy and resources have been placed in the design and implementation of a D&I change strategy it is important to track and measure results. 

ThomasLeland uses embedded scorecards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track where implementation of your D&I change strategy has been successful in an effort to calibrate actions and focus on the continuous improvement of your organization's D&I efforts.