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Foundation Lab

For new D&I practitioners who need to ground themselves in the art and science of D&I, including what works and what doesn’t.

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Optimization Lab

For experienced D&I practitioners who want to optimize their organization's D&I value proposition.


Transformation Lab

For seasoned D&I practitioners who want to co-generate transformative D&I innovations for the future. 

Take the NEEDS ANALYSIS survey to help identify which Lab best fits your needs.

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As you design your progressive D&I strategy, partner with top-ranked experts in business, leadership, culture, change, inclusion, and diversity to:

  • Access practical frameworks, tools, and techniques key to achieving business-relevant results

  • Develop contemporary capabilities you can immediately engage to elevate your impact and create sustained value with D&I

  • Grow your professional network

  • Contribute to the development of I&D next practices

Via expert insights, case studies, real-world simulations, in-class coaching, experiential learning exercises, and applied learning you have a distinctive opportunity to gain new ways of thinking and new ways of working to advance the impact of your D&I strategy and results.

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D&I optimization lab

Continuously elevate your D&I performance and results

  • Learn how to elevate your performance and results by building upon established practices with emerging insights and new practices

  • Know what common –but suboptimal or ineffective – practices to avoid/ let go of

  • Develop a complete range of competencies for this complex work

  • Be part of a community of connected peers and experts

  • Advance your performance and careers

  • Identify unmet needs to contribute to the development of D&I next practices

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d&i Transformation lab

Co-create transformative D&I breakthroughs to invent the future for employees, businesses, and society

  • Be part of a collaborative community of progressive peers and experts

  • Co-design groundbreaking frameworks, strategies, tactics, structures to transform how D&I work is done

  • Experiment with new, promising approaches

  • Significantly accelerate and elevate results

  • Build your impact in your work as well as on the field of D&I

  • Have opportunities to apply your wisdom beyond the constraints of the current practice and the limits of working alone within a single organization

  • Advance your performance, careers, and legacies


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