EAlex Haimerl has facilitated numerous training and consultancy projects for a wide variety of corporations since 2003 in Europe, the U.S., Asia and Africa. He puts his focus on intercultural and international aspects in Executive Management and Team Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Mergers & Acquisitions and Marketing & Sales Strategies, including New Product Development and Product Planning.

In the 1990s, he lived in Tokyo, working for BASF, a leading German chemical corporation, where he was consigned to marketing for specialty chemicals. During his time with Johnson Controls, a major transnational automotive tier-1 supplier, he was responsible for New Product Development and Product Planning within the European organization. He later led a marketing agency, focusing on strategic international marketing and sales consultancy, serving a wide array of American, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German and other European customers.
His corporate experience contributes to his training and consultancy work by combining proven practical experience with the latest training and consultancy theories. Continuous training and development measures together with extended stays in Japan, Asia, and the U. S. ensure a consistency in service and up-to-date know-how.

When clients partner with Alex Haimerl, they experience an approach that is results-oriented, customer-focused. Alex delivers state-of-the-art knowledge. His 20 years of international corporate experience contributes to his ability to combine both the latest scientific theories and proven practical experience. His extensive knowledge of applied economic languages, international management and considerable expertise from diverse industries are all undeniable assets.

Alex holds a master degree in Human Resources and Marketing from the University of Passau (Germany) and an MBA from the University of Applied Sciences Kempten (Germany) and CSU Los Angeles (USA). Alex has lived in Austria, Japan and the USA; he is fluent in German and English and has good conversational command in French.

•    “Valuing Diversity and Practicing Inclusive Leadership” 
•    Intercultural Readiness Check
•    Cultural Orientations Approach
•    Situational Leadership® and Lead 360 Program
•    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
•    Hogan Leadership Suite
•    Firo-B
•    Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
•    Booth Task Cylce
•    Accelerated Learning
•    Coach education with the International Coach Academy
•    Co-author of several articles on human resources retention and leadership development

Practicing Inclusive Leadership at EY FSO (Germany)
Post-Merger-Integration and Change: Post-Merger Integration workshops, Workshop on Leading a Change Process (Department Heads), Coaching for Post-Merger integration (SVP level)
Coaching: Leadership Transition Coaching, Expatriate Coaching and Coaching Leaders to act as Coaches (Manager level to President level)
Team Development Workshops with various levels (First-Line managers to VP level, diverse industries)
Workshops on Leading and Working with Diversity and Inclusion (Country Heads, African Public Sector Organization)
Leading Globally in a Multicultural Environment (First- and Second-Line Leaders, High-Potential Leaders)
D&I/Cross-Culture: Workshops on Leading with D&I impact (CEO and board), Workshops on cross-cultural collaboration with foreign public sector partner (Department Heads to VP level)